Our challenge, the most beautiful wine-food combinations!

Creating something beautiful!
It starts at the procurement and then the mise en place! For the ingrediƫnts the most important factor are the dutch seasons, and preferably sourced locally, but we will also explore different culinary arts. Truffles from Italy, Spanish ham, or some kaffir lime, are flavours that are not able to be missed in our kitchen. That combined with some meat or fish and some love, that is our art!

Continuously trying new things!
On our wine list contains wines from many different countries with the most varied selection of flavours, if the choice is too hard, we would also always love to serve our wine pairing, completely fitting with all courses of the menu. Prefer an alcohol free wine pairing, that is also possible!



Way before the guests arrive, the knives have been sharpened, and the wines have been selected.

Dietary Wishes?
We make everything ourselves, and have the possibility to leave out any allergens!

Please do not forget to mention these allergens in your reservation, so we will be able to prepare!