Passion for exquisite food and beverages

Gerwin has worked in many kitchens starting from 16 years old, he quickly ended up at the Mandenmaker, which, in 2004, got taken over by Wim and Tina Zwaart who, at the time, were running Olivio and they transformed the restaurant into Bistro Ratatouille.

Gerwin had worked in Olivio, then the Basiliek and the back to Ratatouille. Because working for a ‘Meesterkok’ was very  inspiring and especially considering he wanted to experience all aspects of the service industry. Always made everything ourselves, and everything in season and filled with passion, that is what moved him, always inspiring and always renewing!

Now the really the head-chef at Ratatouille, being able to bring to life his vision, without losing track of the principles, and therefore he took on the challenge of managing a restaurant together with Cindy! They met at Ratatouille 8 years ago, when she was working as a student hostess, she decided to continue learning at for example the Basiliek, and the Salentijn in Nijkerk. The love remained and now she is leading the frontend of the restaurant, with the main goal being to impress the guests. Cindy, a lady with passion and taste for food, drinks and… horses!!

The first year is over, a busy year! Became parents in November of son Zef, which is amazing! Sadly also some sad news, the loss of Gerwin’s brother, who always helped out where necessary. Last months have been a little bumpy, but life goes on…

Summer is almost here, the season of terraces and warm weather!

Gerwin Dooijeweerd
Cindy Berkenbosch