A Ratatouille dinner as a gift?!

We absolutely have gift vouchers to gift as an experience. You can charge it with a specific amount, or rather a completely arranged all-in menu. It is possible to pick them up at the restaurant, however we can also send them per mail. For a small charge we can also send it to any adress in the Netherlands!

We will completely pamper the recipients on arrival, and look forward to welcome them to Ratatouille.

De Vischmarkt

One of the most beautiful squares in the Netherlands, phenomenal lime trees, old façades, and the iconic Vischpoort. Every season another beautiful picturesque scene. At night the the spotlights turn on, and everything becomes even more magical…

Our Sourdough Bread

Freshly baked on a daily basis, nothing more beautiful than seeing it rise with it’s crunchy crust and it’s velvety inside.

We are actively working on keeping our sourdough culture alive, which has been around for several decennia, having received it form Herman 14 years ago.

Caramel Fudge

A real guilty pleasure, we love serving this with our coffee, for the perfect ending of the night. The gooey fudge and the crunch of the black seasalt, you will love it!